Deliver For Voting Rights was an action organized to advocate for the elimination of the filibuster in order to pass legislation that would protect voting rights for Americans across the nation. Our organization partnered with the King Family and over 100 organizations to host this march in DC on January 17, 2022. I led in creative direction and collaborated with my team on design and video produciton.
How Long Not Long
To promote the event our team brainstormed the idea of having Martin Luther King III interact with his father, MLK Jr. in one of his most famous speeches. In the video we have MLK III do a call and response with his father. This represented a multi-generational struggle for voting rights and ended with a call to action, demanding the viewer join in on fighting to secure their right to vote.
Credits: Creative/Art Direction by Ebonie Land, Bridge Poster by Artist Trap Bob, Photography by Lizzy Barrett, Graphics by A'lysia Alcorn, 
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