Politics can be exhausting, but it's necessary to engage with in order to get the outcomes people need and want. This brand was built to engage an audience that is worn out by all the political back and forth. We wanted that audience to feel seen and understood. Instead of political jargon we wanted this to illicit a feeling of  coming from someone in our audience’s hometown, like a conversation with their neighbor or a visit to Grandma’s. Someone they’d trust to tell them what’s what on various issues.
To illicit that notion we leaned into the patriotic themes and nostalgia, alluding to a time where we all may have seemed to "get along". We acknowledge the desire to get back to that feeling but then educate our audience on why political inter-workings are making that American unachievable. I led as the art director for the brand and led the process to conceptualize the name, "Courage For America".
The Courage For America Bus Tour
The Courage for America Back Off Our Benefits Bus Tour was a national tour where we engaged Americans to call out members of Congress for trying to pass laws that would rob them of the hard-earned benefits they paid for. These benefits, like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and SNAP are essential to the livelihoods of millions of Americans. For the tour, I provided creative direction and developed the content plan in partnership with the organization's Digital Partnerships director. My team set the groundwork for a photographer, videographer, and digital director we would hire via content planning allowing the on the bus team to really bring our vision to life once they got on the road. I designed the bus wrap and any branded physical and digital collateral.
All images capture by Kevin Lowery
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