For decades our access to abortion care and reproductive justice has been undermined. In 2022, our nation hit a new low with the Dobbs decision, setting reproductive rights back to a level we haven't seen in a generation. Free and Just was created to educate Americans through the collection and distribution of personal stories about what life looks like in a Post-Roe America.  
Naming the brand
I led the process to bring the team to a consensus around a name for this brand. We went through exercises to get to the heart of what the brand was, its tone, and what we wanted it to communicate. Ultimately we decided on the name Free & Just because we are fighting for a country where we are free to make decisions about our bodies and reproductive justice is a reality.
The stories from Free & Just storytellers could be from your Aunt, your cousin, your friend, or your neighbor. That's how we wanted the brand to feel. This wasn't some political moment, this is people's lives we're talking about. For that we need an inclusive brand that didn't feel partisan. We wanted to focus on the future and framework we could have instead of the devastating loss we experienced in 2022. To evoke that feeling we leaned into a brand that was vibrant and approachable bringing a warmth, power, optimism, and hope to the space.
Uplifting stories
"Our Voices, our stories, our future," Free & Just's tagline can not come to life without the experiences and stories of people all over the country. To kick off content collection with the team I led in organizing a content capture day where we filmed 6 storytellers. Now with over 8 hours of content, the Free and Just team is well-positioned to highlight key stories as abortion and reproductive justice appear in the news cycle. Below is one of the ads my team cut during the September 2023 government shutdown.
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